Organizational Development

EFFECTIVE & SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS for Organizations that focus on a positive, collaborative and inspiring culture

Services include:
– Organizational Development
– Change Management Coordination/Facilitation
– Leadership Development for all levels of staff
– Executive Coaching for Managers, Directors & Executives
– Seminars for staff and organizations as a whole

I successfully engage, involve and teach.

My consistently desired and achieved goal is to create stable cultures within organizations that can better manage change while providing a stable anchor.

Change is inevitable. Managing transitions effectively and efficiently is vitally important, because stability is essential.

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Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

We teach people to become better at managing themselves and others. Through my leadership development and executive coaching programs, those in charge of others learn to get the most out of their staff. Good leaders are defined by how effective they are. Their effectiveness directly correlates to how they manage staff

Benefits to your organization:

  • An acquisition of effective and lasting tools
  • Specific coaching support for your employee/management team
  • Increased productivity and decreased disruption
  • Increase in skills, understanding, and people management

Staff Seminars & Workshops

We have developed a brand of professional, engaging, interactive and effective seminars and workshops that have been utilized by some of Canada’s largest organizations. Each of my seminars and workshops is specifically designed for each of my corporate clients to meet and exceed their needs.


  • HR Specialist/Business Partner
  • Organizational Development Specialist
  • Organizational Culture Change Consultant
  • Organizational Change Management Strategist
  • Registered Clinical Counsellor in Private Practice
  • Leadership Development Program Designer and Facilitator
  • Owner and Operator of a Counselling and Consulting Company
  • Founder of Transparent Motivational Empowerment System for Organizations


My Mission

To inspire your team to embrace quality, honesty, respect, motivation, empowerment and passion.

Learning to be happy can help you create a New History

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