Geoff Ayi-Bonte

Geoff Ayi-Bonte is a respected Registered Clinical Counsellor (psychotherapist) and an accomplished organizational consultant with two decades of experience. His innovative applications of psychological principles, combined with his ability to “keep it real” and speak from the heart, offers you a unique opportunity to face and resolve your life’s “stuff” once and for all while keeping you motivated to stay on track.

I’m finally in control of my life.

Geoff’s counselling office, New History Consulting Inc. is located in the historic downtown of New Westminster, BC. New History serves private, organizational and corporate clients in the Lower Mainland, including New Westminster, Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver, providing a variety of counselling and corporate consulting services.

Make use of the common sense tools and professional support that define Geoff’s approach and his personality.

Organizational Consulting Services:

  • Organizational Development
  • Organizational Culture Transformation
  • Change Management Facilitation
  • Leadership Development

Geoff’s organizational consultant services have been recruited by some of the largest organizations in BC to lead their change initiatives and positively transform their corporate climate. Many of these engagements have been highly complex with various level of stakeholders that needed to be considered.

His personality, core values, leadership skills, professional competence and the diversity of 15 years of experience make him a great choice for medium and large organizations.

His Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology created the platform to understand the dynamic evolution of change within people and organizations. As such, he has successfully lead and managed large scale change initiatives and business transformations as a change management specialist.

Innovative & empowering leader of lasting positive transformation

Geoff has empowered senior management teams to support the delivery of strategic processes. He has engaged a very diverse group of heads of industry at all levels providing leadership coaching, creating learning modules for their respective areas of influence, teaching them about effective performance management and culture change as well as employee engagement, for example.

Geoff creates an organizational culture within a respectful environment that is based on solid foundations and a commitment to continually striving for growth.

Psychological Services Provided:

Anxiety (i.e. general, panic, stress management, MVA-related anxiety)
Cultural Issues (i.e. racism, abuse)
Depression (i.e. general, suicide ideation)
Grief & Loss (i.e. death, life transition, health challenges)
LGBTQ 2S Support
Men’s Health (i.e. identity, orientation, anger management, life coaching, stress)
Relationship/Marriage Support

Empowering clients to take control of their lives and make lasting a positive changes is the focus of all psychological support. 

People who seek out his services are of all ages, cultures, religious beliefs, gender orientations and sexual identities. They are looking to find clearer direction in life, manage stress better, learn how to live a more fulfilling life, become better partners to the people they care about and simply become the best version of themselves.

Geoff Ayi-Bonte’s innovative approach promises honesty, genuine support and a clinical counsellor dedicated to giving you every chance to succeed.

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