Who is Geoff?

Geoff, a Registered Clinical Counsellor, is an Individual, Couples, and Family Therapist as well as an Organizational Development Consultant. His career includes working with Health Canada, teaching engagements at local colleges, maintaining a monthly newspaper column distributed in Canada and the US, providing professional development training, planning and facilitating seminars for fellow mental health service providers as well as the general public, and being active and visible in our local communities.

He invest in his personal and professional development, because he wants to make sure that people get effective and efficient support. Beyond that, for over a decade, Geoff helped create policies, as a former governing member and council representative, to make counsellors become even better advocates for all of our clients. He continues to advocate for all people, because he believes that is what we all deserve.

Although Geoff is involved in many activities, he feels fortunate to be passionate about all of his endeavors. He loves what he does and is passionate about doing his part to help others thrive in life and at work. He is a true ally.

What is counselling about?

We are often offered quick fixes that only patch but don’t fix. They may relieve temporary stress, but otherwise only mask the issue.

At the core of this service is TRANSFORMATION instead of TEMPORARY CHANGE. Throughout life, we all go through some rough spells – some last longer than others. At times, these rough spells can look too challenging to overcome. That is where counselling fits in. Counselling will provide you with a place where you are supported and understood. It is a service that focuses on your needs and that can help you get beyond your struggles. You will receive effective and lasting tools, motivation to stay on track and a future that offers more hope and opportunity. You will also gain a strong sense of empowerment and more positive self-esteem.

Who goes for counselling?


New History clients come from all walks of life, cultures, religion, beliefs and orientations. The myth that “people are crazy if they see a shrink” is false. Counselling is about learning how to get more out of life with less drama and struggle. It is a safe and confidential service designed to help you thrive.

So you see, you’d be crazy not to want to improve your life.

What types of services are available?

Services include (follow the links for details):

  • Personal Transformation
    • Anxiety (i.e. general, panic, overwhelming pressure)
    • Depression (i.e. general feeling overwhelmed, low motivation)
    • Surviving Grief & Loss (i.e. death, major life transition, health challenges)
    • Regaining Life after Separation/Divorce
    • Stress & Anger management
    • Overcoming loneliness and self-doubt
    • Enhancing Self-Esteem
    • Balancing the Emotional Scale: Weight Loss Support
  • Relationship Counselling
    • Relationship Rescue
    • Relationship Enhancement
  • Organizational Training Courses
    • Professional development courses that offer certification
    • See our list for course options
  • Personal Development Seminars 
    • Fun and engaging seminars that offer personal and professional development
    • Please refer to the seminar list for details

How do I make my first appointment?

That’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Call our office (604.517.1299) or email us at info@newhistory.ca. We will find a date and time that works best for you.
  • Make your way to our office. We are centrally located for your convenience.
  • Start to learn how you can move forward once and for all.

No referral is required.

How long does counselling take?

It is important that you feel empowered & confident as soon as possible, because you surely just want to get on with your life. The goal is to help you accomplish that effectively, as soon as possible and in a way that will last!

You will be the expert in deciding when you can handle things on your own. Until then, support is right by your side. Sometimes clients may decide to take a break or try things on their own. Besides, if you feel you need more support, you know where to it.

How do I pay for services?

The majority of services are eligible by your Health Care Providers for up to 100% coverageSun Life & Blue Cross are among the companies that recognize the benefits of individual, couple, and family counselling.

Should you be covered by a different company, know that you can refer that Health Care Provider to me if there is any confusion about services or accreditation. As happens quite frequently also, you can pay directly without using extended health care. Some clients have found it beneficial to receive support in adjusting their life priorities to reflect the importance they place on counselling. The cost per hour is $125 for counselling sessions & $200 for consulting services.

Either way, you will find that you finally getting through your struggles with the support of my counselling services is well worth it.

Are new clients welcome?

Absolutely. We welcome all new clients. If our service does not meet your needs, you can rely on our vast mental health network that we can refer you to. Either way, your health will be in great hands.





Why should I call today to make an appointment?

You will have to decide if you want to continue to live the way you are or if you want things to permanently improve.

You deserve the fulfillment of being valued and understood in your life. This service believes that you can create that, with effective support. The sooner you can take charge, the sooner you get to live the life you truly want!

Go ahead and take a positive step towards the rest of your life!