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Psychological Services Provided:

Anxiety (i.e. general, panic, stress management, MVA-related anxiety)
Anxiety can be debilitating. It can be so difficult to live with an invisible curse that can take over your life. Well, that can change!!! There are clear ways to overcome anxiety once and for all, so that you can breathe and live again. Call today.

Cultural Issues (i.e. racism, abuse)
It would be a wonderful world if culture was a non-issue – personally, in life and at work. We can find ways to get some peace of mind, freedom and empowerment. Know that you have an ally. Call today.

Depression (i.e. general, suicide ideation)
There are many forms of depression and medication is not always the way to go. Let’s deal with and resolve the fire starter instead of just putting out fires. Call today.

Grief & Loss (i.e. death, life transition, health challenges)
There is a way through this, whether you are grieving a loss, dealing with a tough life change or facing major health challenges. There is a mature and experienced person here to support you. Call today.
LGBTQ 2S Support
Marginalized still in this day an age. Our service is an advocate for you based on respect, care and true genuine support. Call today.
Men’s Health (i.e. identity, orientation, anger management, life coaching, stress)
Whoever said that counselling is not for men does not understand that wise men are brave enough to get the support they need to feel better. Be a wise man. Call today.

Relationship/Marriage Support
Love is meant to be a beautiful and fulfilling experience. You deserve that, so let’s get to it and make sure we finally right your ship. Call today.

Empowering clients to take control of their lives and make lasting a positive changes is the focus of all psychological support. 

People who seek out his services are of all ages, cultures, religious beliefs, gender orientations and sexual identities. They are looking to find clearer direction in life, manage stress better, learn how to live a more fulfilling life, become better partners to the people they care about and simply become the best version of themselves.

Geoff Ayi-Bonte’s innovative approach promises honesty, genuine support and a clinical counsellor dedicated to giving you every chance to succeed.

Geoff Ayi-Bonte has worked in the field of psychology & empowerment for well over a decade. He looks at all aspects of gaining more certainty, direction, clarity, empowerment and confidence. His practice focuses on people who are looking to transform their lives and take it to another level. His clients range from CEOs of major companies to the regular person “from down the street”; they are as young as 16 with no upper limit; they cover the gamut of cultural backgrounds and life experiences; they are looking to move forward in life and get more out of each moment – they desire to have their potential match their reality in all aspects of their life.

Gain & Sustain:

  • A depened sense of confidence
  • Tools to aid you in taking your life to the next level
  • Strategies to overcome professional and personal hurdles of the past and present
  • Identify and build on current strengths and resources
  • Manage fluctuating emotions and learn helpful self-care strategies
  • Establish, maintain and grow authentic connections with others
  • Negotiate healthy boundaries in relationships
  • Create new behaviours which are sustainable and support growth
  • Engage in effective and powerful choice-making and action steps

There is something to be said for a society that has drastically changed the definition of what it means to be a person in today’s world. There is a lot of pressure, ever-changing definitions and often a lack of clear direction for life. As a solution, Geoff Ayi-Bonte offers effective and efficient tools in a supportive and motivating environment to help PEOPLE TRANSFORM THEIR LIVES.

There is a light at the end of the right tunnel. You give a lot to live your life as well as you can. The right path will help you to move forward and stay on track.

Some of the issues that Geoff can help with include:

  • Depression and anxiety, including shyness
  • Personal growth, confidence and self-esteem
  • Stress management and life balance
  • Abuse and trauma resolution
  • Grief and loss
  • Career and life transitions
  • Toxic workplace and workplace bullying
  • Cultural identity and managing cross-cultural & cross-generational conflict
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity concerns



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